We all know how important it is to look and feel good. Why not start out the New Year with a few new ideas and break a few bad habits!

KEEP TRYING, failure is key – weight gain is a factor of calories over time, the more calories over a shorter period of time the more they go into storage. The fewer calories you take in the less you need to burn. Always realize that if you aren’t burning calories you are storing them. Just think less is more!

Try to eat moderately, don’t deny, have a TASTE! enjoy the meal, never hesitate to order what you love, just eat half or only a bite, remember, moderate and control your behavior.

WEIGH yourself often, keep a scale handy in the bathroom and weigh yourself daily. A morning “weigh-in” helps you keep track of your progress and lets you know how well you are maintaining your weight. Boxers weigh themselves to know how competitive they will be; think like a boxer and stay in fighting form!

Add EXERCISE to your daily regime, taking the stairs can cause you to loss 3 pounds a year, park your car as far away from the store or shopping complex entrance as possible to create “insensible weight-loss”. Try to exercise each day, try to do anything for 20-30 minutes, swimming is the best, bike riding or jogging on soft surfaces are great too. Sauna is a form of “self-induced fever” and can also accelerate weight loss by revving up metabolism; it’s easy and strengthens the immune system too.

Eat a low fat high complex carbohydrate diet—stay away from all “WHITES”, white flour, white ride, white sugar, etc, as well, try to each as much grain and nuts as possible, they help speed up metabolism, slow hunger and are great for the brain. AVOID all colas, use moderate alcohol and rarely eat fried or processed food.

Try 5 meals a day, e.g. GRAZE, try to space out your meals nibble on healthy things, carrots, celery, nuts and seeds are best! Try not to do a coffee break with a pastry, but a fresh juice and have a bit of trail mix or watery fruit. Watermelon and cantaloupe help diminish hunger.

Avoid the “pig out”, some people like to reward themselves with a big juicy steak or ice cream split after a busy day or a job well done; get happy with healthy foods and smaller portions. Humans are opportunistic carnivores, they eat MEAT! Red meat has selenium, zinc and iron, all necessary to make skeletal muscle and that helps burn calories. Remember, think of the palm of your hand, that’s about 4 ounces, just about the amount of meat, fish or poultry you should eat at one setting!

Fad DIETS are not advised and we encourage you to call us to set up an appointment to learn more.

Happy Holidays!