Aesthetic Surgery

Laser Skin Care

We offer a variety of laser skin options. As for the most common, so many men and women have unwanted hair on various body areas, including the face. In the sun belt, laser hair removal is a permanent way to remove unwanted hair from any body part. After undergoing laser hair removal treatments, you will never have to worry about unwanted hair again, as we use the latest technology in hair removal, assuring permanent results. Also, for example, you may have an old scar or other skin issues that cause apprehension or social discomfort. Irregular fine lines or sagging skin can also be reduced and fully remedied with other light-based options. Therefore, we offer specific laser procedures that include removing old sun spots or reducing the signs of aging on skin surfaces. 

Acne Treatment

Dr. Hall has a keen sense of how acne can affect a person. Acne or skin issues can be related to hormones, environmental toxins, humidity and heat, stress or pH imbalance, and exposure to heavy metals like bromide and fluoride. Treatment times are generally relatively short, with minimal discomfort. Calibrated precisely to stimulate new collagen growth while protecting surrounding tissues, this non-invasive laser can help to even skin tone and refine pore sizes through gentle heat underneath the skin. Ultimately, treatment with the our new AviClear laser that is FDA approved to cure acne! We also can help reduce the scars with our Laser Genesis can give your skin a more youthful-looking appearance and a luminous glow while being efficient and minimally invasive.

Botox and Filler Procedures

Our faces undergo many unwanted changes as we age, such as losing contour and volume and developing shadows. Beauty is a function of our perception of lines, geometry, symmetry, and youth. As signs of aging begin to show, Hall Longevity Clinic offers many safe and proven ways to improve your aging process! For instance, sagging skin, wrinkles, and sun damage make your face tired. By taking advantage of our injectable services, you can look considerably younger. All the products we use are US-made, FDA-approved, and highly effective in eliminating the tired face giving you a refreshed, well-rested look by enhancing your natural beauty

Minimally Invasive Skin Therapies

There are two types of aging, photo-aging, and chrono-aging. Photo-aging is the worst offender, and it is directly related to your sun exposure, more precisely UV radiation, over your lifetime. Sunshine, despite all the good it does, can be pretty harmful. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and 80% of the changes that cause our skin to look older are directly related to the sun. Achieve healthy skin and stay away from the surgeon with just a bit of knowledge and simple steps to protect your skin. We have the right tools, including PRP, mesotherapy, and the dermapen to help keep your skin youthful and supple.

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