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Find out how Hall Longevity Clinic patients live longer and live more enlightened with the latest 21st-century technology and most sophisticated health modalities through integrative and functional medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement, micro-nutrient infusion therapy and non-invasive dermatological procedures.

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Board certified, dual residency and fellowship trained, Dr. Hall, our founder, believes our clients deserve the very best healthcare experience by extending genuine compassion and trust, backed up with proven science.

We feel you will agree, this is the the relationship you seek for you and your family.

Dr. Hall is always seeking new ways to improve the well-being of his patients and relies on a constant cycle of industry awareness and global medical conferences to make our clients healthy and vital.

Our healthcare philosophy is simply to do what you want  and do it extremely well. Therefore, we focus our attention solely on our patients.

With that idea, we believe offering a better healthcare experience significantly improves our clinical interventions and outcomes. Hall Longevity Clinic has assisted thousands of clients from all over the world, for almost a decade.

  • Bio-molecular Cellular Therapy
  • Pro-Aging Sensory Organ Support
  • Full Genomic Sequencing
  • Recombinant Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
  • Molecular Micronutrient Therapy
  • Safe and Effective Detoxification Protocols
  • Dermatological Laser and Needle Therapies

Located conveniently in the heart of Miami Beach, we have meticulously designed a serene and very private lifestyle medical practice creating for our clients a healing oasis.

Our staff understands that reducing the apprehension of seeing a doctor makes communication easier and more open, producing an immediate therapeutic relationship.

Call us today.  Live longer feel better than ever!



Hall Longevity Clinic

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Competence and Style

Excellent service and care. Attention to detail shows respect for the patient in all aspects of Hall Longevity Clinic interactions and treatments.

L Nagott

Investor, NYC

A True Gentleman

Whenever I am in town, I stop in and see my favorite doctor! He keeps me feeling great!

Erick Morillo

Musician and Producer, Los Angeles

An Old Fashioned Doctor

Dr. Hall is someone I trust and is truly really awesome

Joe Blount

Head of Blount Industries, Miami

A Traveler’s Friend

I saw Dr. Hall while visiting Miami. His service is top notch, very professional and attentive, resolving my issue. His office is impeccable. I would recommend him to my family and friends and anyone in the greater Miami area!!!

Travis Trentham

Traveler, London

Sincere Applause

I am beyond pleased with my experience with Dr. Hall. Not only was he fully knowledgeable about the procedure but he made me feel so comfortable. They only use the best equipment and it shows in the results. The office and staff were all wonderful, such a great environment.

Ana Conley

Educator, Miami Beach

Beautiful lips

Dr. Hall is someone I truly trust with my appearance, so much so, I would never go to anyone else!

Yanet Pando

Entertainer, Miami Beach

Amazing Hands

Dr. Hall is superb…he has treated myself, my son and my daughter. Really an incredible person and highly competent…simply the best.

Sophie Ayad

Developer, Monaco

A True Asset to My Life

I am a long time patient for Dr. Hall, what I like about it is that every procedure is done by him in person. He has a great eye for aesthetic and results are magnificent. He is always updating through seminars and exploring new products, methods, and techniques which make him great at what he does. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else…

Alejandra Justiniano

Interior Designer, Fisher Island

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