Aesthetic surgery, anti-aging and regenerative medicine

For over a decade, Dr. Michael Hall, has treated thousands of patients from around the world.  

Dr. Hall, has committed himself to improving your health and specializes in aesthetic surgery, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Hall Longevity Clinic is a worldwide purveyor of luxury health and wellness.

Live Enlightened Live Long.

Anti-Aging Medicine

As we age, vital substances inside our bodies begin to diminish. Hormones are responsible for how we look, feel, and act; govern our metabolism and allow us stay vital! Through our specialized hormone blood tests, we can provide the right treatment just for your needs!

House Calls & Concierge Care

Hall Longevity Clinic physicians can come whenever and wherever you need us! A full evaluation and prescriptions right in your home or hotel! Call us today! (Travel insurance applied)

Cosmetic & Dermatology

People are always looking for new ways to improve their appearance. We know how to fight all of your skin problems no matter what the reason! Make an appointment today!

General Medicine

Not feeling well? Hall Longevity Clinic offers several ways for you and your loved ones to receive appropriate health care in the most expedient and safe manner. You can see Dr. Hall in his office located in the heart of Miami Beach off Lincoln Road.

Body Tissue PRP Repair

Ready for a safe, effective way to avoid surgery and still get a repair on an injured joint, tendon, or muscle? A scientific breakthrough known as “body tissue”repair uses your own blood plasma to create platelet rich plasma (PRP). Platelets are a type ofblood cell involved in the rapid healing of injuries! Call us today!

International Medicine & Vaccines

We have clients all over the world and we provide international medical documents, vaccinations, our “hospital in a suitcase”, HALL MEDpac, & can offer emergency medical evacuation!

Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation

Beauty is a function of our perception of lines, geometry, symmetry, and youth. As the signs of aging begin to show, we offer many ways to improve things like, sagging skin, wrinkles, sun damage, and shadows that result in your face looking tired and drained. Our passion is to make you feel and look great!

Body Refining Procedures

Living in Miami offers many pool and beach activities, sports and dazzling nightlife all year round. We alike to have unwanted sun spots, body hair,“problem zones” and cellulite.  Our clinic have a Cutera Xeo and truSculpt 3D for your beauty needs!

  • Alejandra JustinianoInterior Designer, Fisher Island
  • Ana ConleyEducator, Miami Beach
  • Travis TrenthamTraveler, London
  • L Nagott Investor, NYC
  • Sophie Ayad Developer, Monaco
  • Erick Morillo Musician and Producer, Los Angeles
  • Yanet Pando Entertainer, Miami Beach
  • Madeleine Sjoland KellyChef Concierge, Faena House and W Hotel


Dr. Hall in the News

At Hall Longevity Clinic, we focus our entire practice on accountability. Everyone on our team is focused on making sure your experience is optimal from the moment you have your first contact with us.  Our focus is gaining much attention from both providers and consumers of health care. Here is a sampling of press coverage outlining Dr. Hall’s storied career and how strongly he feels about health and wellness. Scroll down to read more about Hall Longevity Clinic and Dr. Hall in our media journal.


The American Gentleman

Dr. Hall devoted six years writing The American Gentleman; A Contemporary Guide to Chivalry and completed the book in 2001. As a young man, Dr. Hall questioned what made a gentleman different than other men. He explored his experiences in NYC to make many salient discoveries . As a result, he set out to write a book that could provide answers. More specifically, the qualities necessary for developing a state of character and to explore how placing other’s concerns before one’s own can make a world of difference.

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