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About Dr. Michael Hall

Dr. Michael Hall

Dr. Michael Hall

Chief Doctor

For over a decade, Dr. Michael Hall, has treated thousands of patients from around the world. Dr. Hall, has committed himself to improving your health and specializes in aesthetic surgery, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Hall Longevity Clinic is a worldwide purveyor of luxury health and wellness. Live Enlightened Live Long. Read more


Answers to Basic Questions!

Please feel free to call us or make an online appointment. We are open form 09:00 to 17:00 Monday thru Friday and by appointment on Saturdays.  We don’t take insurance and are fee for service. Our basic visit is $380 US dollars. Call 305 672 4733.

Sometimes it just is too difficult to come to the office with fever or diarrhea and we understand. That’s why we offer house calls and hotel en suite services. If you do find yourself too ill to visit us in our offices were happy to come and see you, prices begin at $700.

We are happy to provide prescription services and if you’re already a current patient of Hall Longevity Clinic we can actually arrange for home delivery of your prescriptions. Just another reason why Hall Longevity Clinic is your type of clinic!

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