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Dr. Michael Hall, MD

Dr, Michael Hall, certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, has treated thousands of patients from around the world. He has committed himself to providing the most comprehensive approach to health. Specializing in aesthetic surgery, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, he has diligently worked hard to look at how medicine ideally should be practiced and how the patient experience is crucial to the overall health outcome. For over 15 years, Hall Longevity Clinic has been worldwide purveyor of luxury health and wellness. Live Enlightened Live Long!  Read More

The American Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Chivalry

Dr. Hall devoted six years writing The American Gentleman; A Contemporary Guide to Chivalry. As a younger man, Dr. Hall questioned many things, he asked a question: what made a gentleman different than other men? Unable to find answers, he set out to write a book that could provide some insight on the topic; more specifically, the qualities necessary for developing a “state of the character”. During this quest, Dr. Hall has traveled the world in search of the gentlemen’s reasoning and spirit. In Bologna, Italy Dr. Hall believes he learned some of the ancient secrets and that developing a genuine appreciation for others along with establishing a moral compass is paramount.  A gentleman almost always must stand up for what he believes is right, regardless of the consequences.The impetus for the book came form his personal experiences during his final year of ophthalmology training at The New York Hospital – Cornell Weill Medical Center. In 1996, as chief resident, Dr. Hall witnessed several acts of incomprehensible racial discrimination leading to medical negligence and harm to his patients committed by his senior attending staff. Outraged, he went to state and federal agencies, including the US Southern District Court of New York.These actions transformed his career. He spoke out and was crucified for his actions. Based on the third law of Newtonian physics, all reactions however presented will insure an equal and opposite reaction, his book is a culmination of his experiences. 

The Dr Truth Show Podcast

The Dr Truth Show was created to bring honest health awareness to the general public. Structured as a long form conversation, it is hosted by board certified physician and author Dr. Michael Hall, MD. Normally flying solo with his assistant Sophia, he is often joined by friends and guests such as patients, health care industry leaders, artists, and beyond.

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