Six years ago, the American Heart Association presented seven metrics intended to focus on ideal cardiovascular health. Studies show that these have proven effective in decreasing mortality from heart disease after the metrics were established, but it seems their effectiveness may be greater in some communities more so than others.

Using a group of more than 4,500 participants of Jackson, Mississippi’s Jackson Heart Study, Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers discovered that the incidence of healthy markers/metrics among Jackson participants was rare. In fact, less than twenty percent of participants had at least four of the markers or more. The greater amount of healthy metrics individuals display, the lower the odds of suffering a heart attack or stroke. The Jackson Heart Study is one of the largest studies of heart health among African Americans in the country.

The results of the Jackson Heart Study suggest there may be a larger social context that plays a role in the risk of heart disease among African Americans. Thanks to wearable technology and smartphones however, it’s easier to obtain cardiovascular health data and develop solutions towards personalized medicine aimed at boosting hearth health among various communities.

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