Did you know that your genetics play as much of a role in your nutrition as your lifestyle does? Your genes are essential in determining your propensity for exercise, your diet, and nutritional needs and by having a strong knowledge of your genetic profile, you can make more informed decisions. With our Fit screening test, you’ll be able to determine how your body processes essentials like vitamins, sugars, and fats, allowing you to customize your diet and exercise plan to fit your unique needs as opposed to following a “one size fits all” diet.

Knowing your ideal diet and exercise can help with achieving healthy weight, increasing performance, improving your energy, and living a healthier lifestyle. Some of the items in the test include your matching diet type, your reactions to food, nutritional needs, and important metabolic health factors. The Fit insights can also screen for your muscle potential and the response your body creates when exercising. This test can help you with figuring out your potential to maintain a healthy weight. Collectively, the Fit test will have you living living smarter instead of harder.

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