If you were able to apply an invisible skin on top of your existing skin that would cause your wrinkles to vanish, would you do it? If so, you may be interested in a new pilot study being spearheaded by MIT and Harvard scientists.

Appropriately called “second skin” and scientifically known as XPL, the skin is formed through two methods that are largely straightforward. Using a chain of molecules, a serum called a polymer is created when is then applied to the area the patient would like to have treated. After this step, a second cream is applied over the polymer, creating a cross-linking effect that results in the formation of a significantly stronger protective film that essentially functions as an elastic second skin.

When developing XPL, scientists sought to create a film that would be able to stretch based on facial movements and expressions and able to withstand the elements yet still be invisible and allow a person’s natural skin to breathe. Using the skin, patients can treat things like under eye bags and it is strong enough to use with sunscreen to make it stronger, potentially removing the common need for regular reapplication.

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