After arriving back of Miami (ego central) from Goa, India (a spiritual vortex), much has changed in my life. I was there to visit the Shri Kali Ashram, a purveyor of Tantric yoga.  The premise of Tantric yoga is to dissolve the psychic self or ego.  By thinking in a much more open and inclusive way, it is possible to honor the inner soul, to go beyond the mechanical person and see our true divinity.  The process is very rewarding and makes for anew awareness and introspection.

To be more specific we prepared for the day with a unique massage.   Ayurvedic in nature, (traditional Indian medicine) the experience brought us as participant’s closer together. We paired up and it was used to stimulate the same basic body Chi meridians as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  We basically walked very artfully on each other and it very simple to teach.  The whole massage takes only 20 minutes and can be explained and taught in about half an hour.  I will be happy to teach anyone who wants to learn.

Then we then placed yoga mats on a floor over looking a large green rice paddy and heard thousands of birds squawk as they flew around us.  There was an ocean breeze to open our lungs. We performed different “asana” or yoga positions for about 30-45 seconds then we would “savasana” or rest on our backs with arms and legs opened. We do this for about 2-1/2 hours twice a day. It basically is a form of mindfulness mixed with yoga. We performed breathing exercise too, pranayama practices with the nose and diagram. It unlike anything most have experienced and helps open internal channels of energy flows to bring a deep inner peace. There is no chats, music or mindless gibberish. Just simply request to go into a specific asana and then rest.

From Galgibaga, India