FAA Aviation Medical Examiner

FAA Medical Exams: All Pilots May Receive Aviation Medical Certificates At Hall Longevity Clinic


Dr. Michael Hall, MD has been federally appointed as a senior FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner. We have same day service if you need to update any Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 FAA Medical Certificates, However, we only certify pilots and do not see air traffic controllers.  He also has HIMS certification to assit with substance abuse concerns and other issues.

Before you come to see us, we recommend using the FAA MedXPress system. This system allows anyone who needs a FAA Medical Certificate to electronically complete the FAA form 8500-8. Therefore, information entered into MedXPress will be transmitted directly to the FAA and will be available for us to review at the time of your examination.

PLEASE VISIT:  FAA MEDXPRESS to get a confirmation number before you call to make an appointment.

The exam requires: a valid photo ID, a few forms to be filled out, a basic physical, blood pressure check, vision and hearing screening and a urine dip test. Therefore, expect the visit to be one hour. If you have any medical documents pertains to flight, please bring them.

 FAA Medical Certification

NOTE: A medical examination by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) is required by the FAA. Only an AME appointed licensed medical provider can legally complete the certification process.

Price $400 without EKG.

Please call at (305) 672 4733 or free dial 866 9 DR HALL or email us clinic@hallongevity.com to make an appointment!