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Come see us or we can see you. Our fabulous nurse practitioner, Bertha Lorena Osorio-Campbell, MSN FNP-BC is just 30 mins away!

Located in the heart of Miami Beach, we are just north of Lincoln Road, directly across from Macy’s in the blue Meridian Center building. There is public parking just behind our building. Our office is on the 6th floor and we are always available by phone, 24 hours a day. Call our staff to make an appointment or ask for directions!

If you think you have the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, we ask you to go directly to closest hospital to your immediate location if you have breathing issues.

Just a simple suggestion before you come. Always ask what the approximate charges will be.

We are a “fee for service” medical office and take no insurance, and do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. We do expect payment at the time of service. As most consumers are aware medical service pricing has become a major issue and particular interest has been placed on the concept of “transparent” pricing.

While the process of establishing charges for our medical services has always been complex, the added burden of transparent pricing increases the anxiety and complexity of meeting the expectations of our patients. When in doubt, just ask! We want you to be happy!

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