Precautions to Take to Prevent COVID-19

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The Novel Coronavirus and the World 

The novel coronavirus, now named “COVID-19”, is an RNA virus, characterized by club-like spikes named after the corona of the sun based on its microscopic appearance.  It was first identified on December 01, 2019 by the Chinese government as causing acute severe flu-like symptoms, respiratory distress, and potentially a double lung infection leading to death. Although, there are unconfirmed reports by Indian scientists (P. Pradhan, A. Kumar, et. al.,) that their research has found HIV-1 gp120 inserts within the novel virus, Dr. Francis A Boyle, a Harvard law graduate who wrote the US biological warfare treatise that was signed into law by George Bush Sr., states that Wuhan based outbreak is clear to him as a manufactured bioweapon that was either unintentionally or intentionally released. The only lab in China with level 4 clearance that does research with deadly pathogens is Wuhan National Biosafety Lab located in the city where the outbreak has started.  As it evolves, it has been considered by some US government officials, including Sen.Tom Cotton, as an “offensive” bioweapon with uncanny “gain of function” when compared to its sister coronaviruses, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).  Regardless of provenance, presently, there is very little that can be done to stop the outbreak and the US CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield states, “This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.” The US CDC has been locked out of China and the WHO (World Health Organization) and other leading Chinese health agencies and governing bodies are intentionally misleading the public regarding many related facts and statistics.  There are many more infections and deaths, including over 1900 health care workers infected, than are actually being stated by authorities, per various independent reports.

Coronaviruses are common and can cause the common cold all the way to the lethal illnesses, like SARS and MERS. Curiously, the London based Pirbright Institute filed an application for a patent for the live coronavirus, which was approved on Nov 20, 2018. To date, there are no current vaccine trials and the WHO stated it will take 18 months if not years and require one to be injected with potentially live virus particles.  There is currently only one known treatment being evaluated, a medication named remdesivir and there is no cure. Therefore, it is entirely important that you adhere to the following precautions as much as you can going forward regardless of where you live on planet Earth. The virus is present in almost every part of the world, and resides in 25 countries, including the US and shows no clear signs of being contained. Ms. Laurie Garrett, who won a Pulitzer Prize as an investigation journalist, has studied the virus and written about prominent virologist’s views, and states many have concluded that COVID-19 has great transmissibility and virulence. That means that it can be easily acquired through the air, person-to-person and droplets of spittle (5-10 days of infectious activity of “fomites” or surface droplets) microscopic (0.125 micron) in size, COVID-19 can loiter in the atmosphere including air ducts and contact mucous membrane, especially inside of the nose, mouth or eyes and introduce infection. It has also been found in feces. The usual incubation time period for most viruses is 3 to 5 days, COVID-19 has been shown to incubate 1 to 21 (some cases longer) days in which a person could show no signs or symptoms on day 1 and then immediately demonstrate symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of air and possible double pneumonia on day 5 of infection.

As previously mentioned, currently there are no cures or viable treatments, although there is some talk (Thailand study) of HIV medications along with traditional antivirals, and others that may prevent the virus from completely taking over a person’s immune system.  The virus can cause death in some cases and has demonstrated around 3-15% lethality which is quite high as compared to the influenza virus lethality, which is 5 deaths per 100,000 or .005%.  The virus has a “R0” of 2-3, which means that one person could infect up to three people. Dr. Hall interviewed on CNET.

Some experts recommend the following examples of behavioral changes that may be adopted to prevent personal infection and curtail the spread of the virus if it is a threat in your local geography.

  1. Wear gloves at all times especially in public. You can wear mittens or work gloves to be inconspicuous, especially if you live in a cold environment. Do not touch your face with these gloves. You must disinfect the gloves once you arrive at your home with a bottle of 8 parts water and 2-parts Clorox.
  2. In a social situation do not kiss someone’s cheek or shake their hand including fist bumping. When you cannot wear gloves, do not touch your face or your eyes for any reason, if you must use the back of your hand.
  3. You should constantly purchase new gloves or disinfect old ones if possible.
  4. A mask should be worn in public if it is of a “N95” level protection. N95 will reduce inhalation and exhalation of small particles.  Masks must be replaced periodically and must be properly removed to prevent contamination including disinfecting the front of the mask before you remove it with Clorox solution as described above.
  5. If someone is sick in the home, coughing or sneezing, they must wear a mask at all times. They do not need to be of the “N95” level, but they have to be on the face protecting from plumes of spittle occurring after sneeze or cough as the virus particles are transmitted into the air. Their feces should be considered infectious.
  6. There is no question the virus is transmitted up to 6 feet away from an infected carrier. That makes it very difficult to remove oneself from social interaction including public transportation vehicles, train stations, airports and shopping malls. Limit travel and activities in public places to bare minimum during this period of time.
  7. All bath towels in the home that are utilized by family members must be used directly by that family member and no one else. All towels should be placed in places where they can dry quickly as virus can be attached to moist towels and can be incubated in moist environments. Wash all towels and bedsheets including those after someone has been ill with 1/8 cup of Clorox.
  8. Try not to touch door handles, doorknobs, levers, elevator buttons without some sort of barrier. Use gloves, or the edge of a shirt, but do not touch them directly with bare hand if you do please wash hands after contact. Wash hand often.
  9. Do not share drinks, straws or cups. Do not use other people’s straws. Wash all cups in very hot water and avoid using eating utensils without washing them especially in restaurants.
  10. Try to eat cook foods that have been prepared and sterile conditions. Do not eat raw food especially from chain sushi vendors or less clean places, airports and malls.
  11. Try to keep windows open in the home or office if possible, to create ventilation to prevent accumulation of air with potential viral particles.
  12. Purchase a thermometer and carry it with you then you do not have to use someone else’s.
  13. If someone is in the home that is ill only touch them with gloves, do not attempt to care for someone who is demonstrating symptoms of the virus, but call physician or EMS, explain the situation and request proper evaluation and treatment.
  14. Try not to linger too long and public areas including malls, train stations and airports and other places where there are high levels of commuters.
  15. Sadly, there’s a possibility dogs and cats may contract the virus and spread it, there is a possibility they must be isolated and/or destroyed.
  16. If you do become ill, you must self-isolate if possible, for up to 14-21 days.
  17. Flush the toilet with the lid closed so feces cannot become particulates. In Hong Kong, it has been shown to be infectious in high rises though air ducts of bathrooms.

The crafting of this email was to educate and dispel fear. However unpalatable, these are not eccentric warnings or ideas that should be dismissed or considered trivial. Education is the key to health and everyone has a duty to understand there is no current containment of this virus and know there are few not options to treating the illness beyond supportive, fluids and rest.  We do recommend boosting your immune system by consuming ascorbic acid, (Vitamin C) 4000 milligrams, along with Andrographis paniculate, which elevates the virus killer T cells in the body, both taken daily. We do not know the extent COVID-19’s ability to adapt and mutate, especially from winter to spring to summer, and this could allow it to take on unimaginable proportions. It may likely impact our individual lives; we already know it will impact the world. We hope we have helped.

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