Mud Baths, Saunas, and Steam


Detoxification is riding the mind and body of unwanted poisons, caused by various factors, including our environment and lifestyle choices. Environmental toxins lurk everywhere; they can be found in our own homes, where bacteria and something as insignificant as household dust can eventually create severe cardiovascular problems. Harmful rays from the sun, and even contaminants in our water can work to create major health problems. Before we even leave the womb we are already exposed to hundreds of toxins. Throughout the course of man, we have looked for natural ways to heal one’s physical and mental ailments. Allowing the earth to work for us instead of against us.

Sanitariums were a concept that grew throughout the centuries. Initially created to treat long-term illnesses before the invention of antibiotics, sanitariums focused on using remedies straight from the earth, like exposing the patients to a lot of fresh air at high altitudes, this was followed by a nutritious diet, and simple, healthy rest. Sanitariums have now become a type of health retreat and can be found dotting the entire globe. Although seemingly simplistic, many people have seriously benefited from their results.

Many tribes adopted mud baths as another miracle treatment for detoxifying the body and mind. In the quagmires of Northwestern Europe, highly preserved bodies from thousands of years ago were discovered. The abundance of partially decayed vegetation, and a lack of oxygen brought on by flooding, had formed what is called peat. Peat can be found in other areas of the world and is famous for its moisturizing properties, which protect the skin and enhance its elasticity. Another one of Mother Natures’ hidden fountains!

Peat mud is used in conjunction with heat at spas and retreats all around the world, and is considered not only medically therapeutic, but a soothing remedy to ones stressors. If frequent spa visits do not fit your budget, there are a number of water-soluble mud products that you can buy and add to your bathtub at home. The better products will not cause a build-up in your drain.

A natural moor bath has a high concentration of peat and can be very therapeutic. If you do choose to create a mud bath at home, make sure you do all of your research, adding the wrong ingredients to your bath could potentially lead to disaster—The introduction of non-organic oils into the bath could actually concoct a dangerous pesticide! Other things to watch out for are keeping hydrated with warm liquids and making sure to stay warm after the bath has concluded.

Another highly used remedy for detoxification, weight loss, and increasing serotonin levels is the sauna. Invented in Finland, the sauna is a type of self induced fever and operates at 176 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 10 to 20 percent. According to the American Journal of Medicine “Very few sudden deaths take place during or after sauna bathing” This is counter to the warning that are often seen in saunas and steam rooms, initially saunas were thought to be associated with sudden death, arrhythmia, and heart attacks, but these serious risks have since been crossed off the list.

Saunas cleanse the skin by opening the pores and allowing dirt and grease to seep out. Sweating also helps flush out any toxins, and the increased blood flow promotes the healing of cuts, sunburns, and so on. This makes saunas a perfect addition to part of a detoxifying program.  Saunas also decrease your chances of catching a cold or flu. Due to increased body temperature saunas trick your system into thinking you have a fever, which in turn stimulates your internal organs, most notably your immune system. Your heart rate also increases, which mimics the effects of physical activity, on par with something like a brisk walk. A brief session in the sauna can burn several hundred calories, but they should not replace actual physical activity. Still, if you have access to one, combining it with an already healthy regiment is quite beneficial.

Steam rooms produce similar results, however steam rooms can also help with respiratory problems. Like a household drain our lungs get clogged with unwanted materials such as mucous, the steam sifts through the lungs, breaking up mucous, and tenderly massaging inflamed and tender areas of the throat.

Our skin is one of the most important areas to focus on when implementing detoxification. Using a dry brush on your entire body, removes dead skin and opens the pores allowing harmful toxins to seep out, it also improves blood circulation, and can help reduce cellulite.

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