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Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Services at Hall Longevity Clinic

You may already know that obesity or excess weight gain is a recipe for poor health. Carrying too much weight can place you at risk for: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, osteoarthritis, gallbladder problems, sleep apnea and other disturbing issues. If you’re overweight, you may also feel self-conscious about your looks. Thankfully, you can change your calorie intake and reduce extra pounds quickly while learning to live a much healthier life. Hall Longevity Clinic in Miami Beach FL, offers personalized and holistic weight loss programs to help you look, feel, and function better.

Right and Wrong Ways to Lose Weight

Gaining weight is all too easy in our affluent, convenience-based society, with its grocery store aisles packed with nutritionally deficient processed “bag and box” foods coupled with the fear- based adrenaline rush to grab a quick drive thru meal dripping with fat, sugar, and sodium. Adding to more poor food choices, often our Netflix, Uber-eats sedentary lifestyle can lead us to eating for emotional support and distraction without awareness of the calories leading to unwanted pounds. Of course, you can reverse this sort of behavior, but it takes time, education and there are right ways and wrong ways to do so.

Beware of fad diets unsupported by sound medical science. These diets can deprive you, not only of calories, but also of critical nutrients that your body needs to remain well. If you need to lose a lot of weight, you’re far better off taking advantage of a medically-supervised program that can help you shed pounds safely while also supporting your health and helping you learn new long-term lifestyle habits to keep the weight off.

Our Integrative Approach to Safe, Effective Weight Loss

Dr. Michael Hall bases his weight loss programs on the principles of integrative and functional medicine. Simply, it’s a holistic approach to your general health, lifestyle habits and environmental stressors. When you come to us with your weight problem, we will evaluate every aspect of your health and lifestyle to determine what factors contribute to your eating habits and weight gain. This evaluation includes a bariatric medical approach to Psychological Food Consumption Assessment that can help you understand the emotional triggers behind your eating patterns.

In addition to educating you on smart nutritional practices and providing you with exercise recommendations to help you burn calories, we can get your weight loss off to a powerful start through a combination of injections and a temporary low-calorie diet based on paleo diet principles. The injections include a combination of safe, natural substances, including human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG. This protein-based hormone can help you burn more calories even while you consume the low-calorie diet, so your metabolic system won’t react to the lower calorie intake by slowing down.

This comprehensive approach to weight loss takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete, by which point you’ll most likely experience an amazingly fast drop in weight. However, this great start is just the beginning of a lifelong change in your relationship with food. The tools, insights, and education we equip you with will give you the ability to keep both your waistline and your overall health in optimal shape for many years to come.

Lose Weight and Gain Health at Our Miami FL Clinic

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