Have you ever had a bad day at work? Chances are you’ve had at least one. If you’re in your twenties or thirties and aren’t satisfied with your employment, you could face health backlash by the time you reach your forties according to new research.

There have been numerous studies on the role your job plays in your mental and physical health, but new research appears to suggest that the impact is significantly larger when it comes to midlife mental health. Using a group of participants, researchers studied their job trajectory from the time they were 25 until they turned 39. These participants were placed in four groups: consistently lower job satisfaction, consistently high job satisfaction, those whose satisfaction began low but trended higher, and those who began high but saw declines over the years.

Ultimately, the study found that those less satisfied with their job in their twenties and thirties had worse mental health. The one that initially had high job satisfaction but began to decrease also had worse health over time. These people reported feeling depressed, worrying excessively, and suffered from sleep problems.

The study may suggest that twentysomethings just beginning their career may be better off taking a job that pays less if it means higher job satisfaction. Considering the amount of time spent at work, it’s imperative to find some joy in what one does.

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