Compounded medicines are made specifically from my prescription by a pharmacist for you. Many times a medication is no longer made by the manufacturer, or a patient is unable to take the medication in the form that is commercially available. Hormones are most commonly compounded.  In these instances, a physician will contact a compounding pharmacy to provide solutions to these challenges.  We use FDA regulated, woman owned Wellness Pharmacy based in Birminham, Alabama and Pure Pharmacy locally. We can do many things for your needs.

  1. Customize dosages and strengths of medication
  2. Add flavoring to medications to make them more palatable
  3. Create alternate dosage forms
  4. Compound discontinued or hard to find medications

The relationship between prescriber, compounder and patient is essential to health. Physicians, compounding pharmacists and patients work together to improve the use and ideal delivery option for each patient.

Transdermal Gels: If you are looking for an alternative to oral medications, transdermal gels may be a delivery form to consider. We can order the use the active ingredients of a medication and create a gel which is absorbed through the skin.

Capsules: In some cases, capsules may be an easier medicating option. Encapsulation can be helpful to combine several ingredients. Also, many discontinued or no longer commercially available drugs are compounded into capsule form.

Flavor Enhancers: Medication can often taste bitter by itself. When administering an oral liquid medication you should consider adding one of our many flavor enhancers to the medication.

If you have any questions about available medications please call us!

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