As we move into an era of human history where neurological health can’t always keep up with our vital organs and glands; we all worry about what could happen to our brain.   Some of us know loved ones who suffer from dementia and Parkinson’s.   Now we know things that we didn’t know and we are learning that complexity is the culprit in Alzheimer’s disease. There are dozens of biological mechanisms, with hundreds of interventions, involved in addressing this disease; and the necessary therapeutics vary by person and change over time.

Today we might be able to offer a solution. There is something called the MEND Protocol is designed to address the active underlying pathways for Alzheimer’s disease including metabolic issues, toxicity, inflammation, and mitochondrial damage. The therapeutics recommended by the MEND™ Protocol offer a way to bring these mechanisms into a state of enhancing a participant’s cognitive health – and maintaining that control over time. These factors and their complex interrelationships must be personalized based on an individual’s specific needs.

Due to the complexity of the personalization process, the Protocol is created via health management software. Our algorithms are able to process a wide range of data on an individual’s health status and recommend specific interventions matched to each individual.

Based on the recognized causes of cognitive decline, the MEND Protocol collects individual patient biometric and behavioral data, including:

  • Genome
  • Bio-specimen data
  • Medical history
  • Demographics
  • Medications
  • Patient lifestyle
  • Cognitive ability

The MEND Personalized Treatment Plan is provided to both your physician and the patient, so they can review the results together.  The physician prescribes the treatment plan as appropriate.  Patients are periodically retested and the treatment plan is updated over time.  If you’re interested give us a call today and will try to help you learn more.