As human beings we never even seemed to have a chance, since the dawn of time various species on this planet have had a fascination with getting high— even animals like lemurs, wallabies, birds, and dolphins have found ways to deliberately distort their perception of reality. Now, in the world today the need to escape a harsh reality filled with insurmountable stressors, has become in one form or another just an added part of life. There is no debate that people need to “turn off,” allow themselves an outlet where they can block out what we as individuals perceive as mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unsettling in this world. This temporary “step back” is what allows us to process what is going on around us in a more subjective and effective manner. How we reach this point is essentially different for everyone, but then subsequently paired off into categories, which continue to break down into more specific groups. How is it that you find release? How do you find that one thing that allows you to look at the world through rose-colored glasses? Exercise, religion, meditation, sex, art, extreme sports, gambling, food, television, money, alcohol, drugs…actually, the excessive use of any of these things to escape your life can have serious negative effects, but some far more serious than others.


A lot of questions still circle the topic of drug addiction; what makes certain people more prone to it, is it a willful choice or a disease, and is there truly a way to cure it? There may not be a definite cure yet, but I do believe there are ways of controlling it. The emotional and physical ravages of drug addiction affect not only the addict, but everyone who is in their life; it creates a feeling of helplessness so strong that the weight of it is far too heavy for many people to bear. Drug addiction can happen to anyone of any stature; poor or rich, young or old, and even happy or unhappy, but when it finally reaches you or someone close to you, you wonder how you could have ever let it happen. Have you ever taken a walk for what seemed like minutes, only to realize you were miles away from home? The road back from addiction will be a tough one…long, exhausting, and sometimes with no light in sight.


In my opinion there are two main types of drug addicts, those that use a substance to get through their days, and those that use it to obliterate their days completely. The first type of addict uses a specific substance that they believe helps them to fend off anxiety, depression, and fear, all the things that inhibit them from having the type of life that they want, they often referred to as the “functional drug addict.” The second type of addict has lost all hope and their days simply revolve around finding their next high. They are constantly seeking the initial feeling the drug brought to them, which eventually leads to overdose, because the addict has now built up a tolerance and must do more and more of the drug to achieve the desired effect. Both types of drug addicts will eventually reach the same point, where the drug has completely consumed who they used to be…rock bottom. This is a dark place, perhaps the darkest, and the loneliness, self-hatred, depravity, and hopelessness that comes from such a place is often very hard to reverse.


In America prescription drugs have a higher rate of formed dependency than any other substance. Hall longevity Clinic deals mainly with patients who have developed an opiate dependency, but also has the ability to treat people who have developed addictions’ to street drugs like ketamine, cocaine, and heroine. Hall Longevity Clinic has the experience and know-how to provide caring treatment that produces positive results. Our team tackles the problem medically with a Suboxone Intervention Program, but we also analyze the underlying causes of each individual case so that we can get to the true root of the problem. Taking the first step towards recovery may be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your life, but you do not have to take on this fight alone, Hall Longevity Clinic will be able to guide you down a path to sobriety, revitalized health, and happiness. Call us today.