How Can We Poison Our Children?

It seems that we are confirming that autism and autism spectrum disorders, like Asperger’s, PDD, ADHD, are related to mercury, organo-mercury that converts to triethylmercury to be precise.  This kind of mercury found in thiomerosal, and from breathing mercury vapor in the atmosphere, it is extremely neurotoxic.  It literally destroys the brain.  The average flu vaccine has 25 micrograms of thiomersol. 

Animal experiments suggest that thiomersal, a vaccine preservative, rapidly dissociates to release ethylmercury after injection and rapidly attacks neurons, especially developing neurons in the central nervous system, or brain.  Autism rates are increase one in 50, which is geometric increase from 10 years ago. Some antibiotics seem to enhance mercury’s toxicity as well. 

The air we breathe is now overtly polluted with mercury, triethylmercury, from coal – fossil fuel burning and effluent released into the atmosphere.  A recent study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives on June 18, 2013 confirmed that women who were exposed to the highest levels of diesel or mercury in the air were twice as likely to have a child with autism than women who lived in the cleanest parts of the sample,” study author Andrea Roberts, a research associate with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Researchers crossed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data on the level of air pollutants from year to year with data from the Nurses’ Health Study, one of the longest running investigations of women’s health in the U.S. They looked for associations between levels of pollutants in the time and place that a woman was pregnant and whether that woman went on to have a child with a diagnosed autism spectrum disorder.

We can’t stop breathing, but you can avoid other form of organomercury.  Do not vaccinate your child or receive a vaccine containing thiomersal.  Come see us today and get a mercury screen.