As we enter a period of human history of greater biotechnology and genetic manipulation; it concerns me greatly that our food supply is being adversely controlled by large international cooperation’s that market and sell food and the American agricultural industry that grow and process food.  I have radially changed the way I eat due to understanding what our “food” is becoming.  Some might call it “Frankenfood”, simply food that is part natural and part something else. Food may be adulterated at many levels: generically, chemically, and during the processing stage. 

My present diet is more or less, vegan, also I try to eliminate almost all foods that I believe are not in line with good health.  I try to source organic, or most naturally grown food, and I consume about a 90% plant based diet.  I do not consume any fowl, chicken, eggs, turkey, duck, and consume no pork.  I stay away from most refined diary, milk, but occasionally will have plain yogurt.  I will rarely eat a farm raised, grass fed bovine 4-ounce tenderloin or lamb chop, perhaps once every two weeks.  Due to a higher than average mercury level, I have reduced my intake of almost all fish, and shell fish, including sushi.  After the Fukashima nuclear power plant accident, radioactive isotopes have affected almost all the Pacifica fish on some level.  I consume no canned, bagged or boxed foods and stay away from what I call the “diabetic threesome” or “white disease”; white flour, white rice and white sugar. 

The food supply is so manipulated now, with GMO (genetically modified organism).  For instance, almost 90% of all soy is GMO and has been genetically altered to the point that eating may actually cause the good gut bacteria to die and cause a very rare form of malnutrition.  It is very important for overall health that normal gut flora is process and assist the body to absorb micronutrients like trace elements and minerals properly.

It may be said that the chemicals and additives added to food are almost impossible to avoid and minimizing the harm they create by detoxifying the body with zeolite compounds and periodically using an infrared sauna may help.