Are you familiar with male menopause? Perhaps better known as “andropause”, it’s also been referred to as grumpy old man syndrome and hypotestosteronism, affecting about thirty percent of men before they turn 50 and fifty percent of men that are over the age of 60. By the time a man turns 30, his testosterone levels will begin to drop about ten percent per decade. Androgen (hormone) levels may also fall and in some cases this decline is quicker, showing as early as age 40.

Unlike menopause that happens within a short amount of time, andropause can last for decades and the symptoms may affect some men more than others as it happens, though ultimately all men will see gradual hormone declines. The symptoms can include moodiness, fatigue, loss of physical agility, and an increase in belly fat. Low testosterone means men are at greater risk of gaining weight, osteoporosis, and they may have trouble coping with stress.

It’s believed that andropause began to emerge within the 1940s and yet the proper testing to diagnose it is relatively recent. Testosterone replacement does have its risks such as an enlarged prostate or sleep apnea, but it’s vital to make sure that testosterone levels remain high to ensure a better quality of life.

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