According to the world renown brain researcher and pioneer of the Brain SPECT scan, Dr. Daniel Amen, of Amen Clinic’s, there are very simple and easy things you can do right now to keep your brain in tip top form and perhaps stave off early dementia and other brain diseases, like stroke and Alzheimer’s.

1. Avoid Brain Injuries, Wear Your Seat Belt

2. Do not use Drugs or Alcohol, Do not Smoke, Do not Smoke Pot

3. Avoid Over Eating and Obesity, Do not Eat Second Helpings

4. Get A Good Nights Sleep, Keep the Computer, TV and Phone out of Bed

5. Do not use Nicotine or Caffeine, Stop Your Coffee Fetish

6. Avoid Hypertension and Diabetes (See Number 3)

7. Maintain Good Hormone Levels, Get a Hormone Blood Screen Afer Age 40

8. Avoid Processed Sugar, Do not use It, Ever!

9. Avoid Chronic Stress, Meditiate

10. Treat Depression Naturally, Do not use Antidepressants

11. Exercise Daily, 30 Minutes of any Activity

12. Avoid Making Poor Decisions, Avoid Divorce

13. Avoid Unhealthy Peer Groups, Avoid Party People

14. Know You Brains Vulnerability, Brain Matter is Like Warm Butter  (Treat with TLC)