Scary as it may sound, on a day-to-day basis our bodies are being slowly polluted (some of us more than others). This, overtime, begins to stunt our cellular growth. As human beings our survival depends on the division of cells, once a cell stops dividing it succumbs to apoptosis or cellular death. As we age a decline in cell division affects how we look, feel, and live, it can weaken our immune systems making us more susceptible to disease, and it can damage or destroy our organs. This is why it is important to understand the process of cell division, how it can affect your longevity, and what you can do to regulate it.  As young children our cells divided on a more consistent basis, however, due to various factors such as exposure to environmental toxins and parasites, as we age or cells stop dividing as rapidly. Stress is another factor that begins to slow cell division over time, which is why it is truly important to develop stress management techniques. There are other things we can do to promote cellular growth as we age, like eating right and avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol.  Unfortunately, even the healthiest people on the planet must go through the inevitable process of aging, but there a are definitely things we can do to slow down our ticking internal clock.

Credit: Kuan-Chung Su, LRI. Wellcome Images

One groundbreaking technique that has helped numerous people maintain their youthful appearance and has been proven to increase longevity is Cellular Therapy. Cellular Therapy, although a seemingly new form of revitalization, has been written about, discussed, studied, and developed throughout the ages—from the ancient Egyptians to 19th century physiologist Brown Sequard. In 1931 when Professor Niehans used his findings on over 50,000 patients including Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin, Cellular Therapy continued to grow in popularity. Today people always want to know why celebrities look so young as they continue to age…well aside from their own personal trainer and private nutritionist, Cellular Therapy has proved to come in pretty handy by helping to get rid of wrinkles and other age related imperfections.

What is Cellular Therapy? It is treatment that replaces dysfunctional cells in the human body with new cells, these new and healthy cells can sometimes be taken from other parts of the patient’s body, but stem cells and in some cases animal cells are also used, along with different forms of supplements and injectables. Cellular Therapy can help to counteract a number of serious conditions like Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Regenerating cell growth can help fight off different types of cancers and can help with injuries and burns. See how Cellular Therapy can help you by contacting Hall Longevity Clinic.