After hearing about Tiger Woods and his marriage blow up, there is a silver lining in all the gossip. Tiger recently had a knee operation and was given an injection of his own blood products to help him recover faster. The medicine is very cutting edge, the science has become very proven and the technique super sophisticated. Platelet Rich Plasma, “PRP” is your own blood plasma with highly concentrated platelets. Platelets are part of your blood system are a specialized type of blood cell involved in injury healing. Platelets also contain large reservoirs of natural growth factors. While a normal concentration of platelets circulating in your blood is 200,000 per micro liter, the platelet count in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can exceed 2 million platelets per micro liter. To be considered Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) the platelet count must be 4x or greater above the normal concentration. PRP has got all the good healing things your body needs to regenerate and repair tissue, and with our highly refined technique, we just can localize the injury and inject it right where it needs to go. As well, the serum has stem cells in it, which travel in the blood stream in minute quantities, these are concentrated too. Think of it as “baby stem cell therapy”!

Normal Platelet Count
Normal Platelet Count

Concentrated Platelet Count
Concentrated Platelet Count

When concentrating platelets, 7 fundamental protein growth factors (also called cytokines) are concentrated.

Platelet-derived growth factors – PDGFaa, PDGFab, PDGFbb
Transforming growth factors – TGFb1, TGFb2
Vascular endothelial growth factors – VEGF
Epithelial growth factors – EGF
This concentrate also contains 3 proteins in the blood to act as cell adhesion molecules: fibrin, fibronectin, and vitronectin. Clinical data has shown that the concentration of growth factors may help optimized conditions for bone, muscle, cartilage and tendon healing. Ponder this scenario, skiing down the slopes you fall down and tear a quadriceps muscle, ouch! You see the orthopedic surgeon and you are told no workout or sport for 4-6 months, you might need a surgery and will have a long standing painful injury. What if you could get 2-3 injections of your own healing factors, never need surgery and heal completely in 6-8 weeks, just like it never happened. Think about it!

How is Platelet Rich Plasma made?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is collected by drawing 20 – 60 cc of blood (500 cc is taken in blood bank donations), the blood is then put into the Harvest SmartPReP�2 Platelet Concentrate System and spun down separating the red blood cells, plasma and concentrating the platelets.


Is Platelet Rich Plasma Safe?

Since Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is autologous (from your own self) there is no chance of rejection or adverse effects and is FDA approved.

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