Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Miami

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As men age, it is no secret that the ability to feel vital and express inner drive is decreased. Modern science now allows a man to directly control his vitality and his manhood. Regardless of age, we can treat men as young as thirty-years-old up to ninety-years-old, who experience low testosterone levels (hypogonadism). The symptoms of low testosterone in men range from the following signs: aging, chemicals, drugs, environment and medications. Having one or more of these symptoms can cause low testosterone.

Lack of Energy

Memory Loss

Depressed Mood

Weight Gain

Erectile Dysfunction

Low Libido

Poor Sleep

Muscle Wasting and Bone Loss


Cognitive Decline

Risk of Cancer

Greater Risk of Death

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As you may know, low testosterone in men may be caused by problems in the, gonads or testes, which reside in the scrotum. More uncommon, this is called primary hypogonadism. This can be brought on by genetically malformed gonads, childhood infections, like the mumps, testicular trauma, or even testicular cancer and can only be treated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

However, the more common causes of low testosterone, classified as, secondary hypogonadism, results from problems in the relationship between the brain and the gonads. The pituitary and hypothalamus are part of the brain that govern testicular activity, specifically the manufacture of testosterone in the gonads by a messenger hormone called luteinizing hormone, or LH. Head trauma, drugs, like opiates, stress, obesity and other causes can negatively affect the pituitary gland hormone production and can indirectly cause low testosterone by inhibiting.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Sometimes testosterone can drop to alarmingly low levels which can cause the above-mentioned concerns. If you think you suffer form any of these issues, we have methods to detect if you have low testosterone and high estrogen with a simple blood test. In addition, we can help support your natural production with simple tips to reduce stress and help you instill male directed exercise, proper sleeping habits, taking herbal supplements and eating foods that have higher levels of cholesterol and protein. If this does not work, we can use a drug called Clomid, or injection named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, (hCG) along with the use of hormone supplements.

As mentioned before, the gonads or tetstes lie in the scrotum make testosterone. Once those cells stop making the critical levels of testosterone to feel sexual urges and energy, men then need to begin supplementing, or face the loss of male sexual characteristics. This usually happens to men in their late thirties and early forties. The lowering of testosterone levels in men in relation to aging is called andropause. The decline of testosterone that comes with age is responsible for depression, decreased libido, and diminished muscle tone.

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA Acts as a PrecursorHormone and Can Increase Testosterone

Although scientist still do not quite know how DHEA functions in the body, several different studies including one published in the American Journal of Psychiatry of Medicine showed that DHEA significantly improved sexual disinterest as well as both physical and mental well-being. In some cases the hormone remedied other serious afflictions, such as anxiety, severe depression, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

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We Use Three Different Medications for Our Testosterone Therapy Program:

Testosterone Cypionate

We use cypionate and know it will increase the testosterone levels within men. The dosage is determined upon medical history, health, age and lab results. Our goal is to restore the testosterone level of our patients to achieve optimal results. With most of our patients we use injectable testosterone versus creams or patches.

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles and helps maintain men’s bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, adequate levels of red blood cells, sense of well-being, and sexual and reproductive function.

When a man ages, the amount of testosterone in his body decreases. This decline begins after age 30 and continues throughout his life. The symptoms of testosterone deficiency include the following:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decreased sense of well-being
  • Depressed mood
  • Difficulties with concentration and memory
  • Erectile dysfunction

Changes that occur to the male body during testosterone deficiency include the following: a decrease in muscle mass with an increase in body fat, a decrease in hemoglobin and possibly mild anemia, osteoporosis, decrease in body hair, and a decreased sex drive.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is used in conjunction with the testosterone therapy. This is to keep the body producing its own natural testosterone. In other words, it keeps the testicles from shutting down. This is very important because when outside testosterone is introduced to the body the natural abilities to produce your own testosterone will diminish significantly. This is not an occurrence we would want to happen with our patients. Which is why, with our unique program, we require all of our patients that are on testosterone therapy to also take HCG along with testosterone.


Anastrozole is used to control the levels of estrogen within the body. Some patients have high levels of estrogen normally or after being placed on testosterone therapy the estrogen levels may increase. Higher estrogen will cause belly fat, breast fat, mood swings, etc. Also, having higher levels of estrogen within the body will cause a decrease of testosterone within the male.

Testosterone Replacement Benefits & Side Effects

This combination of three medications aids in maximizing the benefits of the treatment, which are:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased libido
  • Reduced fat
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Helps with cholesterol
  • Strengthens bones
  • Helps with diabetes
  • Sharpens mind
  • Improves mood
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity

In general, hormone therapy is safe, but there are a few possible side-effects, including:

  • Acne or oily skin
  • Mild fluid retention
  • Stimulation of prostate tissue, with perhaps some increased urination symptoms such as decreased stream or frequency
  • Breast enlargement
  • Worsening of sleep apnea
  • Decreased testicular size
  • Infertility
  • Possible affair due to increased libido

Although uncommon, some laboratory abnormalities that can occur with hormone replacement include:

  • Changes in cholesterol concentrations
  • Increase in red cell count
  • Decrease in sperm count, producing infertility (especially in younger men)

How Much Will This Cost Me?

We try to limit expense, but we do not take insurance and we cannot third party bill for the laboratory. Full initial blood work is very comprehensive. This bloodwork can screen over 50 biomarkers. In addition, we can offer full DNA genetic screening too.

  • Initial blood screen, ECG and office visit is $2999.95
  • Regular triennial blood work per check up  $499
  • Testosterone per vial (1 vial per four months, syringes and biohazard box)  $599

How Do I Administer Injections?

  1. Prepare, or mix the medication according to your instructions and draw the medication into the syringe.
  2. Attach a new needle to the syringe.
  3. You’ll be giving this medication into the gluteal muscle.
  4. Divide one buttock into quadrants. You will always want to give the injection in the outer, upper quadrant, almost toward the hip.
  5. Clean the site with an alcohol pad and allow to dry. Do not blow on it or fan the site to quicken the drying process.
  6. Spread the skin with your fingers and inject the needle straight down in a dart-like motion all the way.
  7. Pull back on the plunger a little. If you see blood enter the syringe, pull the needle out a little and inject the medication. If you do not see blood, simply inject!