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At Hall Longevity Clinic we offer several ways for you and your loved ones to receive appropriate healthcare. Not feeling well…. we can see you in our office on Lincoln Road, and our staff can usually get you in the same day.  Dr. Hall has modeled his clinic on a New Zealand styled, “General Surgery”, or primary care clinic, and we have the ability to treat emergent, urgent, or casual medical needs.  We will fix your problem right then and there, and provide basic medication from our licensed dispensary. You will be back on your feet in no time!

Price Begins at $349

We Need Affordable and Responsible Healthcare Today!

If you seek heathcare on a more contiual basis, Dr. Michael Hall  is proud to offer our exclusive and trademarked Hall Longevity Clinic LifeCard Health Program. We created our exclusive health care membership program to be both convenient and affordable.

Services include :

  • Liaison services for in-patient Blue Cross and Blue Shield Blue Option Plan with catastrophic coverage (Full E.R. visit, hospitalization, and surgical benefits, all for less than $75 per month).
  • $5 million in coverage for injuries and illnesses such as ruptured appendix, broken leg, and cancer.
  • Emergency in-office laceration repair (pain relief and antibiotic injections).
  • Male or female biannual physical and serum analysis, including a comprehensive serum analysis and urine screening for liver, kidneys and, sexually transmitted infections (STI).
  • Heart rhythm check with EKG screening for hormonal deficiencies.
  • In house prescription medication.
  • Contraception options with morning after pill administration with RU-486 and Plan B.
  • Control and prevention options of pregnancy, HIV, herpes 1&2, and HPV with Femcap (female cervical cap).
  • Female hormonal screenings of FSH, LH, estrogen, estradiol, estrone, and testosterone blood levels, with a general exam.
  • Surepath Pap smear with Digene human papilloma virus (HPV) identification.
  • Discreet and comprehensive sexually transmitted infections (STI) screening and in-home blood service for STI surveillance.
  • Exclusive entry to the Quest Diagnostics Gazelle application, which provides remote access to your electronic medical records. 

 Plans Begin at $399.95 for a Yearly Membership

 Call us today (305) 672 4733 or toll free 1 (866) 9DR HALL