Minimally-Invasive Skin Therapies and Acne Treatments

Anti-aging Skin Therapies & The New World of Un-Aging!

Many people are always looking for new ways to improve their skin and seek out lotions and potion, pills and sachets to do the job. Often this is foolhardy and only serves to frustrate. Science tells us that there are two types of aging, one is called photo-aging and the other is termed, chronoaging. “Photo-aging” is the worst offender and it is directly related to your sun exposure, more precisely UV radiation, over your lifetime. 

Sunshine (UV A, B, C and other forms of ionizing radiation) is a powerful force, it helps us to rise in the morning and keeps us going throughout the day, and every human being on this planet literally revolves around the sun. Regardless, despite all the good it does, the sun can be quite harmful. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and 80% of the changes that cause our skin to look older are directly related to the sun.

We can achieve healthy skin and stay away from the surgeon with just a bit of knowledge and simple steps to protect our skin. We have the right tools for you to help keep your skin youthful and supple.

HydraFacial MD Treatments

The future of skin care is an approach, using machines and serums as one way to make your skin glow! The HydraFacial resurfacing treatment thoroughly enhances the skin, using patented Vortex Technology™ to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate simultaneously. What we have found is that it causes blood to enter the top layers of skin and nourishes the tissue and is removes pollutants and toxins too. It merges invigorating facial toning with our advanced medical technology to achieve instant and lasting results.

The procedure is soothing, moisturizing, non-irritating, and immediately effective. Dr. Hall utilizes the customized suction and serums of the HydraFacial™ deep cleaning system as the first step before using our Cutera’s Laser Genesis™, IPL or Dermapen™ to maximize results. Quite simply, you will love your new face! We guarantee this!

HydraFacial MD – 30 Minutes to a New Face!

A six-stage process that is done with a Hydrafacial device — a high-tech gadget that looks like a pen but dispenses serums and sucks out debris from the skin.

What it involves: using different treatment heads, the device gives the skin a lymph drainage massage; performs non-microdermabrasion to remove dead and polluted skin cells; and then applies plant based acids (an exfoliating acid Dr. Hall choses for your skin type), which softens blockages in the pores and produced deep skin rejuvenation.

Literally, everything is then “vacuumed out” with suction, leaving the skin much smoother and more receptive to the dose of complexion-boosting vitamins, peptides and moisturizing hyaluronic acid that follows in order to smooth out wrinkles. The final step is a few minutes under a red light panel, which calms the skin and stimulates collagen formation.

How it feels: The experience is a bit like a high-tech car wash for the face. The treatment head of the device is constantly being changed and then worked over the whole face, so there is no pampering massage involved. The clever tip of the Hydrafacial sucks the water back up as fast as it is delivered, so you don’t end up covered with water or serum.

The results: Skin will look a little pink at the end of the session but will also be refreshed and glowing.

It leaves the skin wonderfully clean and plumped up from the hyaluronic acid and peptide solution. I’d do this a day before a big event to give my skin time to calm down afterwards.

Celebrity fans: Kate Winslet, Beyonce

Ouch factor: 4/10

Effectiveness: 7/10

Time taken: 30 min

Anti-aging Skin Therapies

Hall Longevity Clinic Offers a Full Range of Skin & Acne Treatment Services

Dr. Hall has a keen sense of how acne can affect a person. Acne or skin issues can be related to hormones, environmental toxins, humidity and heat, stress or pH imbalance, and exposure to heavy metals like bromide and fluoride. Dr. Hall uses the Dermapen™ to help smooth ice pick scars and fade stubborn blemishes. He really knows skin and how to make it glow!

Dr. Hall will initially use the HydraFacial™ to prepare the skin and then use the Cutera’s Laser Genesis™ technology of the Nd-Yag laser designed to penetrate and improve the appearance of acne skin blemishes including acne scars, redness, and rosacea, wrinkles, as well as various signs of aging and sun damage. Calibrated specifically to stimulate new collagen growth while protecting surrounding tissues, this non-invasive laser can help to even skin tone and refine pore sizes through the gentle application of heat underneath the skin.

Treatment times are generally relatively short with minimal discomfort. There is rarely any recovery or downtime associated with Laser Genesis™ treatments, but multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve optimal results. Additionally, minor redness and occasional swelling may occur, but these symptoms should dissipate shortly after treatment. Ultimately, treatment with the Laser Genesis™ can give your skin a more youthful-looking appearance and a luminous glow while being efficient and minimally invasive.

It’s important to note that an acne breakout begins 2-6 weeks before you actually see it appear on your skin, which is why sticking to a regular acne care routine is important for treating the acne you can already see, and for helping to prevent acne from occurring.

We offer many options for acne skin care and we can provide Genesis Laser treatment by Cutera or medications if needed.


Price $499 – $1499 per Treatment

U225 Gun & Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy micro-injections contain a combination of vitamins, minerals and other components naturally found in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid that diminishes with age. There are different types of mesotherapy that can be administered. Each designed depending on what the concerns such as collagen loss, hair loss, cellulite or even excess fat.

Treatment: The French and English don’t see eye to eye on many things and mesotherapy, using a mechanized injection gun to introduce a cocktail of moisturizing hyaluronic acid and skin-boosting vitamins into the face, is one of them. In France, ‘meso’ is simply the obvious way of delivering a beneath-the-skin moisturizing boost, while in Britain the idea is often met with a shudder. But at Hall Longevity Clinic meso is hugely popular.

How it feels: Not half as painful as you might think. The U225 meso gun knocks a 3mm needle repeatedly into my skin, but I can feel only minute pinpricks. Dr. Hall works steadily around my face injecting the serum cocktail, then turns up the speed of the needles.

Each of these little wounds will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin deep in the skin. After that, I luxuriate under the peaceful red LED light to calm down my traumatized skin.

The results: I was warned that I would look as if I had been stung by a swarm of bees but I only look a bit freckly and sunburned, and even that subsides by the end of the day. What I really notice is how amazingly plumped up my skin is, with a whole 5ml teaspoonful of her magic cocktail now trapped between the upper and lower layers. The next day, I look great.

Celebrity fans: Jennifer Aniston and Cara Delevingne.

Ouch factor: 3/10

Effectiveness: 8/10

Time taken: 30 minutes

The French made U225 is the most sophisticated mesotherapy injector currently available on the market. This mesogun is one of the most popular mesotherapy guns in the world. It is fully automatic, powered by pneumatic pressure generated by an air compressor. The U225 has two basic modes of function which allow continuous injection, intermittent injection a raffale and point-par-point. In the intermittent mode, the user can vary the injection frequency from 1 every 3 seconds to 300 per minute. This versatility can practically satisfy any technique. The rate of injection is also easily adjustable.

The pneumatic power separates this device from all others in the field. This unique specification allows this device significant added power allowing faster injection (which can be an issue often with viscous HA and vitamin cocktails) as well as faster needle movement. The speed of needle allows a much faster skin puncture therefore rendering the needle entry virtually painless.


Price $499 – $799 per Treatment

MBR – Medical Beauty Research 

MBR is a highly advanced skin care company from Germany.  We are excited to say we are the only facility in South Florida to offer their amazing products. What makes MBR unique is their focus on research and development resulting in a product selection that is directed toward core solutions to the skin problems. The members of the MBR development team are completely free to decide on any active ingredient combinations and formula variants and cost is not a factor. As a result, they sometimes pursue flagrantly expensive yet highly synergetic principles that are quite unique throughout the world in this way. The goal is always to achieve “the very best possible“ results.