Laser Rejuvenation Medicine

Laser Rejuvenation Medicine

Laser and Injection Treatments That Transform

Living in Miami offers many options, year round pool and beach activities, energizing sports and dazzling nightlife. As we see our bodies at the beach and on the boat, we notice areas of concern.  Men and women alike have unwanted hair on various areas of the body. They may have an old scar or other skin issues that may cause apprehension or social discomfort.  For instance, oftentimes personal efforts to remove unwanted hair can cause irritation, bumps, and nicks on the surface of the skin, which can not only be painful but a hassle as well.

Laser hair removal is the permanent way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.  After undergoing laser hair removal treatments you will never have to worry about unwanted hair again, as we use the latest technology in hair removal, assuring permanent results.  In addition, lines or sagging skin, veins can also be remedies with other light based options too.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Facial Hair Removal

Bikini Laser Hair Removal (Brazilian)

Vaginal Labia Hair Removal

Anus Hair Removal

Underarm Hair Removal

Neck Hair Removal by Laser

Chest & Abdominal Hair Removal

Arms, Hands, Fingers, Toes, and Foot Hair Removal

Leg Hair Removal

Gentle Laser and IPL Hair Removal

While this procedure is quite tolerable, some people may feel some discomfort. For our female and male patients that are especially sensitive to discomfort Hall Longevity Clinic offers the option of using nitrous oxide gas, or “laughing gas”. We are the only Miami practice that offers this option and while very few of our clients need it, those who do, truly appreciate having it available. It is safe and does not prevent you from driving or operating your car after the procedure is performed. We also provide a mild sedative and topical anesthesia for maximum comfort.

If you find a practice claiming “almost painless” treatments you are either being mislead, or will encounter equipment that is completely ineffective. The Cutera ProWave 770 and CoolGlide 1064 nm laser incapacitates the hair follicle and prevents most hair re-growth after a series of 5-7 treatments per area.

ProWave’s versatility speaks for itself. Push button control automatically shifts the wavelength and pulse width tailoring the treatment to optimize hair removal efficacy.

Fast treatment speeds save time and money. Time for an average back is 25 minutes, full legs in 10 minutes.

No numbing cream is required — still another time-saver.

The Hall Longevity Clinic laser hair removal process has minimal downtime. We can treat all skin types, and can provide a mild sedative or topical anesthesia to maximize comfort.


Very safe, the CoolGlide gold tip actively cools the skin and soothes and protects your upper skin layer, while pulse and light energy gently work together to disable active hair follicles. It great for tanned skin or darker skin pigments.

Price $400 per Treatment

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Our prices are very reasonable and we have packages for those who want to save money by paying for the procedure in one lump sum.  Call our office for price options. We offer many affordable packages; for questions and pricing regarding our laser options, or to make an appointment, visit our appointment page today!

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