House Calls MD in Miami Beach 24/7

House Calls Doctor Visits In Miami Beach Available 24/7!

Too sick to come to the doctor? We are on call for you. Just dial 305.672.4733

Hall Longevity Clinic can come to you when you need us!  We make traditional house calls and we can prescribe and dispense your medication right in your home or hotel.  It is our experience that your insurance will cover these visits, especially if you are from overseas. If for some reason you cannot make it to the office, we will come to you. Call us at 305 672 4733 anytime 24/7.

As a general medical practice, Hall Longevity Clinic can handle almost any issue, and any type of patient; from children to the elderly.

House calls or at our office. Our doctor will visit you at your home hotel or office.

Fast service often the doctor will see you within the hour

1 on 1 compassionate care by holistic oriented physician M.D. Hall Longevity is not an assembly-line medical practice.

State of the art mobile diagnostic instruments.

Price starts at $799

Call us today 305 672 4733 or toll free 1 (866) 9DR HALL

For nearly a decade, Dr. Hall has been the house physician for the prestigious 5 star Setai Hotel in Miami Beach. Hall Longevity Clinic has made hundreds of in-suite visits, and we can see you for any illness or accident and can order and deliver medications, draw lab work, get radiological imaging and coordinate care with other providers. We are available 24/7 for telephone triage and patient care.  We take a proactive approach when it comes to healthcare.

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