About Michael Hall MD, MSc, PA, DABFM

Dr. Hall Promotes Longevity Medicine

49-year-old Missouri native, Dr. M James Hall’s history in medicine goes far beyond the 2007 establishment of the Hall Longevity Clinic, located in Miami Beach. Dr. Hall has been practicing medicine for over twenty years and explains his role, as a healthcare professional as a mentor helping his patients "balance the mind, body, and soul". Confident and knowledgeable, Dr. Hall is intensely interested in discovering the world's best remedies and procedures, aiming at increasing human health span and slowing down the process of aging.

Dr. Hall received his medical education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine in 1994 and was residency trained in New Orleans, Louisiana and Manhattan, New York where he studied internal medicine at Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation and ophthalmic surgery at the highly esteemed Weill Cornell Medical College-The New York Presbyterian Hospital. During 2000 he obtained a master's degree in healthcare management from New York University-Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. In 2004 he went on to complete a community and family medicine residency at Truman Medical Center-Lakewood based in Kansas City, Missouri where he became a board certified diplomate with the American Board of Family Medicine. To pursue his interest in holistic healing, Dr. Hall recently completed fellowships from the Institute of Functional Medicine at the University of Miami-Miller School of Medicine in integrative and functional medicine and acupuncture.  He attends many medical conferences each year including the Aspen Institute and the World Society of Interdisciplinary of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine in Monte Carlo.

hall4x6preview_copyDr. Hall's approach to life embodies the true essence of following one's passion while living well. Caring for people globally, he organized a relief effort and aided victims of 2004 Boxing Day (December 26, 2004) tsunami by co-founding a medical mission in Sri Lanka.  Dr. Hall and Dr. Peter Vann were the progenitors of the Batticaloa Disaster Health Response Team (BDHeaRT) coordinated and maintained by the offices of the Deputy Provincial Director of Health Services (DPDHS).  The objective of BDHeaRT was to provide collaborative medical assistance, WHO, UN and multiple NGO's, to people in the Batticaloa District of Eastern Sri Lanka affected by the tsunami and its aftermath. His work with the Tamil Tiger militia was recognized by many international institutions, and his team was commissioned by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help establish a peace treaty. Dr. Hall is presently being considered for membership of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

Circling the world and working with many indigenous and native tribes including: Vedda People; Sri Lanka, Te Hauora o te Hiku o te Ika Maori Community; Kaitaia, New Zealand, Native Hawaiians; Hana, Maui, Plains Cree Tribe; Havre, Montana, Panawahpskek Tribe; Bangor, Maine, and the Bushmen of Botswana, Africa, Dr. Hall discovered Americans can benefit from stronger social systems, primarily consuming a plant-based diet and seeking more natural and holistic healing remedies. Dr. Hall believes in sharing his knowledge with others while encouraging his patients to find balance in their stressful lives by showing compassion for others and themselves.

In 2002 his book entitled, The American Gentleman, A Contemporary Guide to Chivalry was published and presently he is completing a second book on the aging process. As a licensed helicopter private pilot he enjoys flying on the weekends and resides in Miami Beach, Florida.

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