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The Hall Longevity Clinic offers confidential and effective substance abuse treatment and detox services in Miami Beach.

Opiate Addiction

With 70% of Americans on prescription drugs, we are facing an epidemic of need for detoxification. Dr. Michael Hall has vast experience helping those with addictions, specializing in caring for patients with opiate dependency. He was medical director of the Lower East Side Service Center, a heroin treatment facility, in New York City during 1997-2000.

He has also studied addiction medicine at the prestigious Betty Ford Center. He knows it is possible to treat opiate addiction safely and humanely in the office. At Hall Longevity Clinic, we utilize a FDA monitored Suboxone Drug Intervention Program to treat opiate addiction and the program is coordinated in office and prescribed by Dr. Hall.

Not only do we tackle the problem medically, but also we examine the underlying causes of addiction, searching for the core triggers of the disease. We have the capacity to treat those addicted to prescription medications, including Vicodin, Percocet, and OxyContin, as well as certain street drugs like ketamine, cocaine and heroin.

Beating addiction is a complex process, but you do not have to take on this fight alone. Our team at Hall Longevity Clinic will be able to guide you down a path to sobriety, revitalized health, and happiness.

 Price begins at $799 and additional fees are expected for other tests and services. We require a minimum of 6-8 months of care.

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